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Communicate your ideas and discoveries to the world through a well-written article. To help you disseminate your research, IEEE offers the following guidance and best practices:

Writing Your Abstract

Gain more readers for your article with a concise but comprehensive abstract that communicates the content of the full article.… Read More >

Refining the Use of English in Your Article

If English is not your native language, consider using an English language editing service before submitting your article for review. … Read More >

Publishing Author Names in Native Languages

Publish your name in your native language alongside the English version of your name in the author list of your article. … Read More >

Using Equations in Your Article

In Microsoft Word, use either the Microsoft Equation Editor or the MathType add-on to insert equations in your article. … Read More >

IEEE Standardized Keywords

Using the right keywords in your article can make your article more easily and reliably discoverable, which leads to a broader readership for your article. … Read More >

IEEE Editorial Style Manual 2017

The IEEE Editorial Style Manual (PDF, 433 KB) contains a formal set of editorial guidelines for IEEE Transactions, Journals, and Letters. … Read More >