Policy: Advertising in IEEE Publications

All IEEE print and electronic services and products are subject to the following general advertising requirements.

  1. The advertising intent should be to serve “common interests” of the user/reader of the print or electronic product. It should contain technical content or be of informational usefulness to appropriate and fitting to the member demographic.
  2. The advertising shall be appropriate to the editorial context of the print or electronic product in which it appears and be consistent with what the IEEE brand represents. Advertisements shall also be clearly distinguishable from editorial content, and the appearance and usefulness of the information service or product shall not be impaired by the advertising content.
  3. The Editor-in-Chief, other editors on the editorial board, or the associated editorial staff shall not be influenced by advertiser or business staff pressure that would interfere with their prerogative to decide the position and merits of technical editorial content for print or electronic dissemination.
  4. The appearance of paid advertising in an IEEE product shall constitute neither a guarantee nor an endorsement by IEEE of the product, service, or company involved, or of the claims made for the product within the advertisement. The information service or product shall include a disclaimer statement regarding any paid advertising.
  5. IEEE logos shall not appear on any advertisement without prior written approval by IEEE. The advertiser shall not refer to the fact that its ad has appeared in any IEEE information service or product in any collateral advertising.
  6. Authorization for a class of an IEEE information service or product to carry advertising shall not be granted if, in the judgment of PSPB with the concurrence of the IEEE Board of Directors, the inclusion of advertising would cause an overall reduction of the product’s value to the IEEE membership or to the IEEE institutional subscribers and end users, or would be otherwise detrimental to the IEEE brand.

Source: IEEE Publication Services and Products Board Operations Manual 2017, section 8.1.8.B.