Publishing Ethics

Learn about and follow the ethical guidelines of scientific publishing.


IEEE provides guidance on publishing ethics. View our one-page summary or read more detailed information below.


Definition of Authorship

Who should be listed as an author on your scientific article? IEEE’s definition of authorship will help you answer that question and clarify each author’s responsibilities.

IEEE considers individuals who meet all of the following criteria to be authors:

  1. Made a significant intellectual contribution to the theoretical development, system or experimental design, prototype development, and/or the analysis and interpretation of
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Cite Sources Appropriately

Always cite your sources. Citation is required in several instances. Follow these guidelines:

  • Direct quotation: place verbatim text from another source in quotation marks, or indented text for longer quotes, and include a citation to the original source
  • Paraphrase or summary: include a citation when restating or summarizing information from another source, including ideas, processes, arguments, or conclusions
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Report Your Data Accurately

As an author, keep in mind that readers of your article rely on you to communicate your research findings fully and accurately. Ensure they see the full picture by avoiding fabrication, falsification, and image manipulation during your research and when you are writing or revising your article.


  • Fabrication: inventing data or results
  • Falsification: manipulating research materials, equipment, or processes,
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Publish Original Research

When submitting your article for publication, it should contain original research that hasn’t been published before and is not currently submitted to any other publication.

IEEE recognizes that technical research is often published first as a conference article with preliminary findings and then as a journal article with fully developed research and conclusions. IEEE supports this evolutionary publishing process provided … Read More >

Guidelines and Policies

IEEE offers guidance and policies to help authors navigate the publishing process.

Fundamental publishing guidelines and principles

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IEEE Author Education Events

Educational Events Archive

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