IEEE Membership Advantages

Support your publishing experience by joining IEEE.

IEEE members save on publishing with:

  • Conference registration up to 50% off (1,800+ conferences run globally each year to pick from)
  • IEEE Member Digital Library (over 4,500,000+ articles) and eLearning Library (400+ courses in core and emerging technologies) access offered at reduced member rates
  • Free access to over 350 IEEE Press eBooks via IEEE Xplore®
  • IEEE Press, Wiley-IEEE Press, and Wiley publications discount of 35% off

IEEE members can also:

  • Collaborate in private groups and IEEE-sponsored communities on new and emerging markets in IEEE Collabratec®
  • Read the latest news in IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Standards News, and The Institute for clear explanations about engineering concepts and developments filled with details not available elsewhere
  • Access the IEEE Member Directory, a listing of over 250,000 members with member-only searching criteria

Tools and services for all IEEE authors:

  • Overleaf Pro account subscription, a $180/year value, available for free to all users of IEEE Collabratec
  • Use of free IEEE Author Tools to help you prepare your article for submission quickly
  • Discounts on language polishing services

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